The Heart and Science of Caring

Nova Medi-Clinic (NMC) is a multi-specialist care center that is a one-stop-shop for healthcare needs in a user-friendly environment. At Nova Medi-Clinic we hold our patient's hands to achieve the desired results and best outcomes.

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Our Vision and Mission
Pioneering Integrative Healthcare for a Healthier Tomorrow

To provide innovative, patient-centered integrative medical care that empowers individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being through comprehensive, personalized treatments and holistic approaches as follows:

Competent and High-Quality Care

Facilitated by an integrated team of highly skilled professionals who efficiently manage all aspects of the service delivery in order to enhance patient outcomes.

Patient Centered care

Ensuring responsible, continuity of care that empowers patients to take control of thier health through health education and service update

Comprehensive care

Partnering with patients on their wellness journey by adopting a holistic approach to health care service delivered in a continuum

Compatonate heath care

Driven by an empathetic service experience that is uniquely tailored to patient history and peculiarities.

Our Core Value
Compassionate Care, Innovative Excellence

At Nova Medi Clinic, we hold dear the core values of compassionate care and innovative excellence. We understand that healthcare is not just about medical treatments; it's about providing a supportive and empathetic environment where patients feel valued and heard. Our commitment to compassionate care is mirrored by our dedication to innovative excellence, constantly seeking advanced medical solutions to improve patient outcomes. We believe that the fusion of compassion and innovation is the key to delivering healthcare that not only heals the body but also nurtures the spirit, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care with both heart and cutting-edge expertise.

Our Team
Meet our Lead Speacialist
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Dr. Emeka Momah

Physician, entrepreneur and Impact Investor. A graduate of The John Hopkins University – Carey Business School (Business of Medicine), Saïd Business School (University of Oxford). He has years of experience as a consultant physician and Medical Director in Health care facilities in Nigeria and the USA. He is the founder of Nova Medi-Clinic Ltd and seats on the board of other medical outfits. As a family physician, he is equipped with broad-scope clinical competence to render expertise in comprehensive care, including acute, chronic, and preventive care services.